Durnk Girlfriends night out mmf

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Durnk Girlfriends night out mmf

This afternoon and I were in a hotel room, drinking wine and kissing - your shirt was off, and I was down to only my pink bra, and a black miniskirt, and things were starting to get HOT. I was straddling your lap, facing you, running my fingers through the hair on your chest.

There was a knock on the door, and you let another man in.

It was clear to me that you wanted to share me with this other man. I was very excited by this idea. He sat on the couch next to me, and we were talking and I was flirting with both of you, and soon he started kissing me, and caressing my breasts.

You were sitting very close on the other side of me, kissing my neck, and your hand was slowly stroking up the inside of my leg, up under my miniskirt, your fingers grazing around my /thong/">thong, teasing me.

You were whispering to me, caressing my hair with your free hand, asking me if I liked the way he was kissing me, and I was moaning softly, because I did. You "warned me", in that low sexy voice that gets me hot, that if I got wet from kissing him, you would let him lick my pussy.

I tried to object, because what YOU were doing was making me wet, but at this point you both started taking turns french kissing me, it was very sexy and you were definitely turning me on.

Your fingers were stroking my panties now, and you pushed them aside, slipped your middle finger underneath the edge, and began rubbing it up and down my slit. I was already very wet, and your finger slid easily, back and forth, and I squirmed under your touch, trying to press against your finger so that it would slip into me. You laughed softly, scolding me - but I knew it wouldnt be long.

He had unclasped my bra, and had been kissing and licking my breasts in between kissing me on the mouth, and neck. My nipples were puffy and stiff and my back was arching to push my breasts against his lips and tongue. You were watching him play with me, and watching my face as I shuddered, my eyes closed as I gasped and whispered to you both about how good it felt.

"Youre wet" you said sternly, and I jumped. "Now I am going to let him lick your pussy."

He stood and took my hands, and I stood. He pulled my skirt down, kissing his way down my stomach while I stood trembling. He stopped just above my panties, even though I had entwined my fingers in his hair and pulled him close. His hands came up to take my wrists, gently pushing my hands down, and he stood.

He took off his clothing, while you stood behind me, pressing against me, kissing the back of my neck, cupping my breast in your hand, and stealing down to stroke the curves of my ass with your other hand.

He lead me across the room while you took off your clothes, and soon I was on my back in the center of the bed. It was an enormous king sized bed, and you arranged yourself on one side of it - not too far from me - and began slowly stroking your cock. You werent trying to get off yet - you were just turned on at the sight of me, completely naked except for the bright pink thong. I was watching you touch yourself, and watching him, and you could see in my huge green eyes how aroused I was.

He knelt between my legs, kissing my stomach, and slowly pulled the thong down and caressed my legs with his hands as he pulled them up, so that he could take the thong completely off. His hands remained on the back of my legs, just above the knee, so that he could hold my legs up. I whimpered and shuddered as I watched his face descend on me. His tongue swirled and lapped at me, and I arched my back and moaned in /ecstasy/">ecstasy, reaching for you.

You moved closer, and kissed me again, and put my hand onto your stiff member. I was softly stroking you, moaning and gasping as he licked me alain lyle porn and pressed his fingers into me. You were watching my face, knowing that you drive me /crazy/">crazy like this every time you eat me. "Watch him," you commanded. "Look at him."

I was trying to keep my eyes open, looking at him and playing with the head of your cock with my thumb, and swirling my hand up and down.

He flicked and swirled his fingers, and sucked at my clit, and I knew - I was right on the edge, gasping and saying "yes, Im going to come, yes, yes, uhhhhhhhhh"

My pussy spasmed and clenched at his fingers as you leaned forward to put your cock into my mouth, smothering the sounds of the explosion I was having inside me.

I caught my breath, just barely, and put my hand on your cock. Your fingers laced through my hair, and you moved steadily in and out of my mouth, not thrusting, just feeling the warm, wet sensations as I sucked you in as far as I could, my lips tight so that it felt like you were pressing into my slit over and over.

I trailed my thumb down the front ridge of your dick, and applied just enough pressure... the new sensation got you off, and you exploded into my mouth, while I continued pumping you with my lips and hand.

By this point, he had put a condom on, and returned to his position between my legs. You sat back again, watching my face as I felt the unfamiliarness of his body, pressing against me, entering me slowly. I stayed on my back, wrapping my legs around me while he began to thrust into me.

At your suggestion, he leaned forward, taking my wrists and holding them over my head while he thrust into me, over and over. I moved against his hands, my eyes closed, able only to gasp.

I came first, arching underneath him and saying "yes, yes, yes" over and over, softly, barely able to catch my breath. He continued a steady pace while it rippled through my body, and when it began to ease, he let down his guard and began thrusting harder, and deeper. Very soon after, he pushed indian santali xvideo his cock deep into me and groaned, burying his face in the side of my neck.

He rolled off me, exhausted. I immediately rolled over on top of you, needing your arms around me. You were kissing my face and my hair, your hands caressing my ass and the small of my back.

Unable to resis the feeling of your body underneath me, I started to rub my pubic bone against your stiff cock. You could feel the wetness of me, slick against your bare dick. Your hands pressed more firmly against my ass, pulling me against you, rubbing me up and down the length of your shaft. Oh baby, it felt SO good.

He stood, tossed the condom hed been wearing into a garbage can, and walked around to the side of the bed until he was right beside me. He started stroking himself slowly, regaining his /erection/">erection even though hed just come minutes before. By this point I had reached between us to lift your cock and press it against my opening, eagerly pushing my body down onto you so that you were completely inside me. You know I love cowgirl. If there were only one position I could ever have sex in again, that would be it. I love the feeling of your dick inside me at that angle, and the control I have over the speed at which we move.

I lean forward to take him in my mouth, still fucking you and grinding myself against you. I am in absolute ecstasy, riding you while at the same time, my mouth is filled with your friends cock.

It isnt long before he cums again, in my mouth, which nearly pushes me over the edge again.Your thumb is flicking against my clit, and Im going wild.

His cum flows down out of my mouth and he leans back slightly, rapidly strokes himself and shoots the rest onto my breasts, as I tip my head back and scream softly, my orgasm building and spreading like a shock wave through my entire core.

You pull me hard down onto your cock as you get off yourself, insanely turned on by the feeling of my pussy clenching around you, looking at the sight of another mans spunk splashed all over my tits.

I collapse on you, and you glance at his face. "Leave" you say simply. He doesnt object. He knows that I belong to you.

As soon as the door closes you lead me to the bathroom, and we share a long, hot shower as you tend to every inch of my body. Im tired from our adventures. But I know that soon youll be massaging me from head to toe, and then youll fuck me again.