Andryiahs Real Dream

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Andryiahs Real Dream

Andryiah was a well known and feared lawyer, she followed in her mothers foot steps and by far passed her. She was tall, thick, had long black hair and possessed the most beautiful big brown eyes that anyone had ever seen. She was an ambitious young woman in her mid twenties. She had her own law firm and by the age of twenty four owned her own house, which was located in the Hamptons.
Even with all her beauty, and success, something was lacking from Andryiah's life. Through her /college/">college years she old waman xxxgx had many boyfriends, and one that she thought was going to be her husband, but he turned out to be an /asshole/">asshole. So she decided to put her personal life on hold until she had achieved all her goals.

There were nights when the weather was cold and Al longed for someone to hold her tight and comfort her. She always liked to sleep in big beds, but during these times the bed seemed to swallow her. She needed the company of another human being, preferably a big strong handsome, intelligent, and successful black man. Tonight she thought she would settle down with a movie. ’Love Jones would do the trick right now,’ she thought. During the movie Andryiah started to drift off, during her drifting period, she wondered when would she find a man like Lorenz Tate, someone to write her poems and sing to her like he did. Finally she was off, off to dream land.

Ring. ’Is anybody home?’ At first Andryiah ignored this, she figured she was just dreaming, so she turned over and closed her eyes again. Three minuets later there it was again, ring! ’Hello, hello, anybody home?’

Suddenly she jumped out from her bed and yelled out ’one sec, I'm coming.’ She put her robe on, then she was at the door, looking from the window to the side of her door, ’who is it? I don’t know who you are, and what do you want at this God for saken hour? It took the person a minute to catch up to all those questions, but finally he answered. ’It's the telephone company!’

’Telephone company? I didn't call the telephone company.’

’I'm sorry to bother you miss, but someone called and said that they were having a cross connection with your phone line. I need to check your line to fix the problem. I really am sorry to bother you.’

’Oh all right give me just one sec to fix myself!’ Andryiah was a woman who was very sexy. She stood at the door with her lace robe and a lace pajama set, that left nothing yet everything to the imagination.

Finally the door was opened, and there he was. The telephone man who looked very much like a stripper. He was very tall and well built. His hair was cut neatly, and his eyes. Oh his eyes were heavenly, they were big and brown, and oh yeah, captivating.

’Hi, my name is Melvin, once again I must apologize for bothering you at this time.’ For a moment he just stood there admiring her beautiful body. ’WOW’, he thought, ’I sure hope she's single.’ At that very instant Andryiah replied, "My name is Andryiah Blakewell."

’Yes I know, its right here on my paper,’ he said. ’That’s a real pretty name. Where are you from?’

’Thank you. I am from the Island of Madagascar, that’s off the South African Coast,’ she replied. ’Where are you from Melvin?’

’Well My family and I are from Guyana, that’s a country in South America.’

’Yes, I know it very well. I have traveled there twice. When I was in college I was an exchange student from Africa, studying in South America. I love the beauty and serenity of the country.’

All the time she was talking to him, she could feel the passion building up in her body. He was a wonderful specimen. Here he was, the man that she thought about for months, the man that could break her drought. It seemed as though her body was doing something other than she was willing to admit at the time. She paused for a minute, which seemed like an eternity to Melvin.

’Miss? Are you alright?’ asked Melvin.
’Yes, I'm sorry, I just drifted away for a moment.’

Through her lace robe and pajama set, Melvin could see her nipples standing out, fully erected and looking succulent. It was impossible for him to pay attention to what he was doing, now that this beautiful woman was standing in front of him half-naked and delicious.

Without any holding back, Melvin reached out for her hand, and she jumped at his touch. It was something that she hadn't felt in a while. It made her body tremble with delight. As they stood there looking into each other’s eyes, her robe fell to the floor, and Melvin's dick became even more erect. He took her into his arms and kissed her gently, while caressing her oh so sexy breasts. With delight in her eyes, she, became empowered, and ripped Melvin’s shirt off, and began to suck on his nipples. Melvin felt that it was his right to treat her to the /best/best-love/">best love making of her life. He held her by the hand and led her to the living room, where the fireplace was roaring, and the carpet was white and fluffy. While he laid her on the floor he began to remove her clothing slowly, while making her body feel tremendous amounts of pleasures. After removing her panties, Melvin slowly moved his body towards her pussy, and spread her legs. With his tongue, he played with her clit, and then he started to suck all the juices from her trunk of delights.

Andryiah had never had this done to her before, and, she could not stop herself from screaming with delight. Melvin loved to eat pussy, especially that of a beautiful young woman. But Andryiah's pussy was different; hers tasted like strawberries in the summer breeze. After her blissful orgasm, Andryiah jumped on top of Melvin’s ’night stick’ and began to ride him. He never felt such emotions since his first sexual experience.

Melvin could hardly control his emotions, so he flipped her over, put her legs over his shoulders and began to probe her cherry field with his manhood. This made her contract her pelvis to make the experience more stimulating. His hands gently caressed her breasts while his tongue made love to her lips. She could feel the juices building up in both hers and his body. She bit down harder on his arm to control herself from screaming in excitement. Then with a burst of energy and the strength of four men Melvin came and it was as if a balloon full of hot liquid had exploded inside of Andryiah. That was the /orgasm/best-orgasm/">best orgasm she had ever had, he was the only one who could stimulate her right after to make me cum again. Andryiah hadn't known that telephone repair men could fuck like that, but bokep sma pecah perawan then, Melvin wasn't any telephone man, he was way beyond that.