FF10 Scenes You Never Were Meant to See

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FF10 Scenes You Never Were Meant to See

The voices of the al”bhed crew were echoes and faded in memory. ”Sin! It's Sin!” one crewman cried, with obvious terror in his voice. The sound of footsteps against the metallic floor and the sound of water pounding against the side of the ship was disorienting and confusing. Slowly, everything else began to fade apart from the water. The relentless waters slowed into a calm rush. I could feel the water rushing through my hair, my fingertips brushing against the fine sand, and taste the salt in my mouth. A great soreness in my chest began to grow, as my body screamed for air. My eyes shot open, as I stood up. Confused I grounded myself onto the beach sands. The water was warm, and I could hear gullssqueaking above me. Looking out to the sea I could see only water.

The tranquility of the moment was broken as I was struck in the head by a leathery object. Stunned, I turned around, and looked at the aggravating missile that bobbed on the surface of the water. As my eyes began to clear the image I could see a blitz ball. Here? ”Hey! You okay?” A mans voice called from the beach. He had an obvious accent that I had never heard before. Actually, I kinda” liked it! I waved in response. I never thought a blitz ball would make me feel so happy in my life.

Snatching the ball I spun it on my finger. Seeing the blue and white ball spinning, I never had had so much fun from a blitz ball in my life. I threw it up onto my head, and jumped out of the water. While in mid-air I flipped up side down in time to strike the ball with my legs in the direction of the beach. The ball spun as it flew near the water surface with such great speed that it parted the water it pasted over. Finally, the ball buried itself into the ground spraying sand in all directions. In awe, the man looked down at the blitz ball which had deflated on impact.

I swam up to the beach to greet the man. From up close, I could get a better look at who this man was. He was muscular with bronze skin (probably from all the activity in the sun), had a very” unique hair style with it curled up at his free porn movies download forehead, and yellow clothing. By the way, my name's Tidus. I have /blonde/">blonde hair, and a medium build. Also, from what you can already tell, love playing blitz ball. ”Wow” I have never seen anyone hit a blitz ball like that! What team are you on?!” He said in amazement. Smiling, I was definitely proud to respond ”The Zanarkend Abes”. The man paused for a brief second before responding ”Oh man, you almost got me there, ya? I almost had believed you!” He laughed and I just remembered what Rikku had told me. ”Don't mention you”re from Zanarkend. People are very sensitive about it. They believe Zanarkend was some holy land or something” ”Oh, by the way, my name's Wakka. I am leader of the Besaid Aurochs.” Directing my gaze to the rest of the team practicing around him, he continued ”But enough about us. What team do you really play for?” I didn't know any teams from wherever I was, so I said I had no team. Wakka was obviously exited about this, but I was more exited looking at his body. I quickly reminded myself to keep my eye on his face while he talked as my gaze turned to his groin. He paused and I quickly looked back up. He had this smile on his face, and I think he noticed. ”Why don't you come to the village”.?” Stopping for a second I finally realized and said ”Tidus. My name's Tidus.” ”Well, Tidus, come to the village with me. You must be hungry, ya?” I looked down at my stomach as it growled in approval to the offer. I just hoped it wasn't as ”flavored” as the food Rikku had given me on the salvage ship.

On the way to the village, the path me and Wakka had taken stopped. He had leaded me to a cliff, and there was only clear, calm water below. He pushed me over, and to my /surprise/">surprise, the water was fairly deep. I heard the splash from Wakka as he dove into the water. Looking behind me I didn't see anything. I spun around and I just couldn't see him. Suddenly he came from behind me and I was caught in a neck lock. His strong arms were around my neck, as he lightly rubbed his knuckles on my head. I couldn't get loose, but I felt his cock against my ass. I could already tell it was getting hard, and I started to get exited myself. He released his grip and then started to lick and suck at my neck. His strong hands held my hips as he continued. Wakka turned me around and brought me closer. We found ourselves locked in a kiss, as our tongues massaged each others. Wakka slowly undid the straps on my chest, and then pulled my shirt off. I quickly did the same. Soon enough, we were both naked in the water, our clothes floating off to the edge of the water. He stoked my cock slowly, and I was almost frustrated. ”Beg for it” Wakka said, with a smirk on his face. Panting, I whispered ”Yes” Please! Mmmmmm” He quickened his pace, beating my cock my hips flexed outward and before I was about to cum, he slowed down again and stopped. Diving down, he disappeared before emerging behind me. Placing his hands on my shoulders, he swam me to the edge of the water. Knowing what would come next, I grabbed the ledge to support myself. He grabbed my hip, and submerged. I could feel his hands then slowly part my ass, and felt his tongue work its way in my crack. It was such an amazing sensation I had never experienced in the water, and then when I thought it would feel no better, he plunged his tongue into my /asshole/">asshole. full hd xvideo download He continued to eat out my ass until he resurfaced for air. Breathing hard, he grasped my shoulders, and edged the tip of his cock into my ass. I was a little shocked at first for its size. He moved in slowly, and when I had loosened up more, he quickened his pace. He found my spongy prostate and hit it with the tip of his cock. Never had I felt such bliss. He was going in and out of me with such force that I was glad I had braced myself. The pain was worth the amazing pleasure, and then he shot inside of me, filling me with his warmth. I turned around and saw he obviously wasn't finished yet. I could tell from the smile he bore on his face.”

We came out of the water, and I finally caught a glimpse of his cock. I was a little surprised it fit inside me. It had to be at least 9”! Pushing me back onto the tall soft grass, Wakka moved on top of me, pinning me down, when I flipped him over. Before we knew it, we both were in a 69. Wakka knew what he was doing, he moves is tongue in circles around the head of my manhood, sucking slowly, and it felt so good. I did the same, matching his pace. He tasted so good, I was dying to know what his cum was like. We continued for a little over 10 minutes of pleasure before I shot in his mouth. He swallowed it all, and before I knew it, Wakka had fired into my mouth with so much cum; I could barely take it all down.”

Afterwards we both lay on the grass for a few minutes before swimming for our clothes. When we reached the village I was exhausted. ”I have to go to the temple for a few minutes. Food won't be ready for a while, so why don't you rest for now, ya?” He gave my ass a firm squeeze before walking off towards the temple. Laying down on the bed I put my hands behind my head, and before I knew it, had fallen to sleep. That day was one of the best in my life, but it wasn't the last.