Learning About The Other Boys 4

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Learning About The Other Boys 4

It had now been days since my with Sam and the only action I had gotten was making out with Tim. Tim and I would often get together in the Gym change-rooms but it would always be too risky to go any further. But one week later, summer came and on it's first week, our year went on an excursion to tropical queensland. This was the escape I needed.

The bus arrived at the restaurant and we all piled out. I was starving for a feed and could not wait. All the boys headed in and began ordering.

'Where are you going?'

Tim called out to me across the parking lot. 

'I just need to find a bathroom, I think there is one at that service station across the road.'

I headed over. In front of me I thought I saw another one of the college boys but he dissapeared into the station before I could get a clear view.
It was a very warm night and the lights lit up the parking lot like midday. I headed into the station and saw in front of me one of the college boys indeed. It was Luke! 'How I'd love to have him', I thought to myself as I headed toward the restrooms, following him at a distance. I had thought about trying to strategically get in his pants on this two week trip but had not yet had the opportunity. To my , that would change abruptly.

Luke went straight into the toilet and I heard a click coming from the door as it closed. I started to wait for him to finish, before noticing that the door was slowly creaking forward. I crept through the door and noticed that the room was actually a large bathroom facility and not a single toilet. I crept quietly across the floor. I could see that all the doors on the cubicled were open except for one at the end. Still laughing in my head at my earlier stupidity, I continued to silently head to the cubicle next to the closed one. 
I heard a faint noise. It was a wet sort of noise. I could now see that the two cubicles at the end were infact showers. What would Luke be doing in a shower? I crept across the room to investigate, thinking that possibly he was releiving his !


I heard a sudden grunt. The wet noise was getting louder. I got to the door and peered through the gap where the door met the wall and there was that , stroking his long tool. His tone body shone and his cock stood like a monument. I had to try him now. 

'Luke, need a hand?'

He jumped back in fear. I then saw the door open and he grabbed me and pulled me into the cubicle. He pushed me up against the wall and pressed his lips against mine whilst leaning over to lock the door. Me opened our mouths together and kissed. He pulled away and ripped my shirt off over my head. He then pulled off my pants and underwear and studied my cock. Wasting little time Luke began taking my cock into his mouth. He took it all the way in and started to bob up and down on it.

'oh shit Luke, mmm'

I sighed as he sucked me so well. He motioned up either side of my tool with his tongue and then took it all again. He swirled his tongue around me, making me moan.

'yeah Luke, mmmm'

He suddenly stoped and got back up and started kissing me. He moved away again and then spat on his hands. He grapped my dick and held it against his. He began stroking our long, hard cocks together. I moved my hand down and helped him. With him in control, we stroked up and down across them, making us both groan. He ceased as some precum dribbled out real forced anal against her will of our cocks together and he took me onto the cold floor. He laid on top of me whilst sucking my tongue. I was in heaven kissing this tanned stud. He then stopped and started to turn on his knees to my cock. With his up near my face, he started to engulf my cock again. It felt so nice. I had a great view of him sucking me and was also only five centimetres to the left of his kneeling legs. He began to use all his talents in making me moan.

'ohh oh mmmm Luke, fuck that is so good'

Like I had anticipated, he moved his legs over my face and dropped his huge cock right into my mouth. I accepted and we began to sixty-nine. I reached my hands up above me to hold his sweet ass and guide his tool into me. His sucking though, was beginning to drive me wild. He sucked hard and I was only seconds away from climax.

'ohh ohhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhh'

I shot a huge load into his greatly appreciative mouth, filling his throat with spunk. He kept sucking me and I continued to shoot cum. He sucked me dry and then sat up and turned, all the while with his cock in my mouth. He softly ran his fingers through my hair and held my head. Luke started fucking my mouth and I loved it. I gagged on his massive tool at first but he continued to stick it right down my throat. I had to accept it. 

'yeah, ohhhhhh'

He graoned as he started to fuck harder. His huge balls slapped against my chin. More groaning told me he was near cumming.

'yes Jas, mmmmmmm, ohhh, ohhh'

Wads of thick cum shot deep down my throat and then into my mouth. Load after load, he continued to shoot his spunk into my mouth. 'This guy won't stop cumming', I though to myself. It started to leek out of my mouth and onto my lips as he pulled his cock out and shot over my face. I pushed my hands up to the back of his shoulders and pushed him onto his back. I spat his cum onto his broad, tanned, strong chest muscles and then slowly licked it off before swalling the whole mouthful. I kissed him deeply and then rested on his chest. We then dressed and headed back to the restaurant. 

'Where'd you two go?'

'We had to go all the way down the street to find a toilet, took ages.'

I covered up well. Luke and I sat together and ate before piling back onto the bus to find the caravan and cabin park we were staying at. As I got off the bus, Luke told me to xnxxv sunny leone video go to his cabin at midnight. I waited anxiously.
I slid out of my cabin but with one extra item; Tim. We got to the cabin and knocked. Amazingly, Tom opened the door, wearing nothing but the smallest shorts I'd ever seen. Tom grabbed me and pulled off my shirt immediately. He pessed up against me and began kissing me deeply. Tom pushed me onto the bed and Luke rolled over to start licking my smooth body. I went strainght to work, pulling Luke's pants over his hips and across his hot, long legs. He did the same for me until suddenly, Tim climed into me naked upside down and began taking my cock into his mouth.


I began sucking on Tim whilst holding his hips above me. I could not believe this was my second sixty-niner in four and a half hours! I felt someone between my legs and quivered with anticipation. Luke began slowly inserting his six and a half inches into me. I almost choked on Tim's dick! Luck pushed himself into me as I took out Tim's cock and moaned. 

'oh ohhhhh ohhhh Luke'

He bagan fucking me with his lock dick, making it difficult to suck my friend. All of a sudden, a saw Tom climb up over me and in behind Tim. He stuck a single finger in him and I immediately felt Tim spit out my tool. Struggling with Luke's hard thrusts in my ass, I helped Tom loosten up Tim by inserting one of my fingers. Tom then decided to enter him. He lifted his seven inch monstor cock and moved into Tim. This made him cry out in pain. As it all went in he screamed.

'oooohhhhhhh shit, fuck Tom, ohhhh'

Tom started to motion in and out of him until he relaxed and commenced sucking me again. The moans Tim and I would have been making, if we didn't have eachothers cocks to suck, would have been so pleasurable. The only noises were made by the two studs that fucked us.

'mmmmm your tight Jas, yeah you feel so good'

Luke continued fucking me smoothly until Tom decided to stop. They both pulled out and Tim climbed off me. I stood on my knees with Tom against me, tonguing and sucking me. He kissed me so well. Tim was licking my neck. I broke the kiss.

'Get on all fours Tommo'

He obliged and at the same time, Tim was pushed down by Luke. I fingered Tom, making him moan, before I entered him simoltaniously with Luke moving into Tim. I was so turned on at Tom's . It was so tight and firm, nearly hairless and stuck out from his hot body. His toned muscles strained as I entered him. I cried out.

'ohhhhh yes, mmmmm, ohhhhhhh'

Tim was panting as he got fucked slowly by Luke. The whole picture was so sexy. Tom and Tims' hot, tight little firm, blonde asses were completely mine and Lukes'. Their hot cheeks and backs shone with sweat and they both moaned in . I grabbed Tom's hips and began fucking him harder. He was moaning in pleasure the whole way. Tim started to take a real thrashing too as he begged for more.

', mmmmmm ohhh Luke, fuck'

'Yeah, fuck us boys, give it to me Jas'

My balls started to slap against Tom's furiously. I fucked his tight hole as hard as I could. Luke too was smashig his hips into Tim's ass. We slowed down together and Luke reached over to bring my face to his. We kissed. We both pulled out and watched Tim climb onto Tom in a sixty-nine position. Tim's ass invited me and I entered it immediately. I watched Tom's cute face take Tim into his mouth. Luke moved around and began fucking Tom. He looked so sexy with all his sweaty muscles glistening in sweat and his beautiful face showing his pleasure as he slammed into Tommo. He too scanned my body as we increased our speed. Tom was the first to cum, shooting in Tim's mouth and then into the air. His long cock sprayed spunk everywhere. 

'Yes Tim, mmmmm, yeah ohhhhhhh' 

'ohhh fuck me Jas, harder, I'm gonna cum'

I slammed his ass as he filled Tom's mouth with juices. Tom and Tim crawled onto eachother, kissing, once Luke and I pulled out of them. I now focused my attention on Luke. We climbed off the bed and walked to eachother. He bent me over the bed and stuck his huge rod up my asshole. It felt awesome, even better than last time. He immediately thrashed me hard. Harder and harder he did me.

'yeah Luke, yeah Luke, ohh ohh ohhhhhh'

I begged for more of his powerful cock.

'oh, fuck me, yeah, hard, make me scream Luke, your huge'

'take it babe, deeper, your so hot'

He slowed up and let me pull him out of my ass. I new he wanted to be fucked, he was just so subtle is saying it. 'Had he ever been fucked before?', I wondered. I took no chances with him. I slid in behind him as he lent slightly over the bed. I kissed his neck, then his shoulder muscles, then his back, all the way to his smooth ass. He was shaved hairless. I stuck my tongue between his cheeks and made him moan. I started to lick his asshole. He bent a little more over the bed and accepted my tongue in him. He cried out like a virgin.

'ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh'

I kept pushing it in whilst he yelled and groaned loudly. I began twirling my tongue around, tasting his wetness. I pulled it out and then moved back up to him. I began entering him slowly. He fell over the bed in pain. He started to groan loudly as I pushed myself deeper into him.

'mmmmm, ohhhhh, mmmm'

After slowly moving into him twice, I sped up. This made him buck with my every motion. I fucked him quite hard for a minute before he began relaxing. 

'ohhhhhh, yeah, yeah, mmmm, ohhh, Jaso, mmm'

He was loving my cock and I was loving his .

'You're so tight Luke, mmmm, take me'

'Fuck me Jas, mmmm ohhhhhhh'

He lent back up to me and I slowly ceased fucking him and then pulled out. Luke bent me over the bed again and started to fuck me hard straight away. 

'yes, Luke, fuck me, harder, faster, yes, ohhhh'

His huge long shaft felt amazing as it entered me time after time. 

'yes Luke, ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh'

He slammed me hard until ceasing. He pulled his long tool out and I turned and pushed him onto the bed. His tight abs strained as I took his over my shoulders. I entered his asshole again and again. Luke moaned loudly. I fucked him hard strainght away until his legs slapped my hips.

'ohhhh ohhhhhh mmmmmmm, yes Jas, ohhhh'

'Take it Luke, oh, ohhhhhh'

He stroked his tool as I fucked him. I couldn't hold any longer.

'oh yes, I'm cumming Luke'

'fill my ass, fill my insides with your hot spunk babe, you're a stud'

I shot up his ass as he moaned with pleasure.

'mmmmm, ohhhhh'

'that feels good Jas'

He also started to shoot his load, high in the air. Streams of thick cum landed over his chest and six-pac. I took his cumming cock into my mouth and he shot more spunk down my throat. I swallowed it all and then delightfully, licked the fluids off his tanned, sweaty, tight body. We kissed and slept in eachothers arms. We had fucked for an hour and twenty minutes. We all awoke at three to the sound of my phone alarm. Tim and I crept back to our cabin but before heading in, we made out. We tongued for minutes and then climbed into bed without anybody susspecting a thing.