My Gay Fantasy

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
My Gay Fantasy

I lay on my bed, thinking about things. I must first describe myself, Im about six foot tall, with a little muscle, dark hair, and blue eyes. I was wearing a pair of blue boxers, and I had just finished taking a shower. I was feeling kind of restless, and I had never tried fingering myself before, I had never had sex with a man either. I had some lubricant, and a hair brush that had a nice thick handle just in case I really got into it. This is where my /fantasy/">fantasy started.

Standing in front of me was a man, the same height as me, with more muscle, and a face of an angel. He only xxx sex video download free com wore a red towel warped around is waist. He looked down at me laying on my comfy bed and smiled a smile at me. Slowly as I slid my boxers off, I envisioned him sliding them off my tan legs. Then he slowly brought his mouth down towards my semi erect penis, he paused for a second to look at it, then put the head of my enlarging dick into his moist mouth.

?Mmm? I let out a soft moan of pleasure.

He continued to suck my cock, he was sliding it farther and farther into his mouth, until finally it was completely inside his moist mouth. My only wish was that I could have returned the favor.

At this point he stopped deep throating my fully erect dick, and lifted my legs he then placed a drop of lube on his finger, and spread it over my anus. He then put more on his finger, and started to slowly insert his finger inside me.

I could feel my anus stretching, it felt a little weird at first, but then the finger was past the elastic part of my anus, and entered the cavity within. This felt good, especially when the finger wiggled a little, then it started pulling out, almost all the way to the tip, and push back in, trying to get farther in, I wanted it farther in me.

Before this point in my life I had no idea how this would feel, but now I knew, now I knew I liked it, a lot. Just as I was thinking that, a second finger tried to push its way into my hungry hole. It met more resistance then the first, but with a little bit more lube, it too was pushing in and out of my with semi ease.

My sexxxx video ful hd penis was more erect then I had ever remembered it being, my head was about ready to burst it looked like, and it had a pulsating rage to it. I have no doubt it was like this because of the two fingers trying to get the farthest they could inside me. I had really gotten into it, and at that moment I wanted more.

I looked over and saw the hair brush laying next to me, that?s when in my fantasy the sexy man fingering me stopped, and stood up, his dick was erect and just happened to be the same size as the hair brush. He slowly pushed the head of his dick into me, then more of his shaft into me, until finally his dick was all the way in me. It hurt at first, my anus being stretched farther open, but it touched my prostate, and an explosion of pleasure came over me. He began thrusting in and out, I was moaning by this time, it was getting faster, and faster. I could feel it welling up inside of me, harder, and harder.

I was about to blow my load, and I hadnt even touched my cock in awhile, I reached over and grabbed it, as my /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum started shooting out of it, like never before, all over my chest. I took a few deep breathes, and slid the brush handle out of me, as my fantasy faded. At that moment I knew, I knew that I wanted a /real/real-dick/">real dick inside me, I wanted a man to /ass/ass-cum/cum-in-my-ass/">cum in my ass, I wanted to be with a man, and not just my fantasy.